Ive got negative rviews and NOw I cant send buyer requests, what can I do?


A buyer just left a 2.4 star review and Now I cant send any buyer request as my reviews are not more than 90%. What can I do?


You could try other ways of promoting your gigs and hopefully get orders which would raise your rating and allow you to send offers again in the buyer request section.

If the low rating stops you getting further orders (after trying for a certain amount of time) because that’s your first rating, you could contact CS and see if they will let you close the current account and start a new one if that will help. You could also try to make sure the gigs you have active are the ones you are best at, ie. the ones most likely to get a high rating.


Thank you for the reply.


Will it help me , If I deleted thh gig which I have received negative review and started a new gig instead ???


Not immediately because the review and rating would still show against your account.

It could help with future orders if it meant that buyers wouldn’t be able to order something that could give you a lower rating (ie. if the new gig was something you were likely to be rated better for).

So the rating & review will stay unless, with Fiverr’s permission (ie. after speaking to CS) you closed the account and opened another. But if you got enough future orders, one lower rated review won’t really matter. It just may be a problem if it’s your only review/rating and if it stops you getting further orders.