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I've gotten an warning email from Fiverr


I’m Waseem and I’m using Fiverr since June 2018. I’ve completed 10 order and 9 reviews with 5-star rating. Yesterday, I’ve sent a buyer request to a client. The buyer contacted me and He said that I need an Offline Freelancer. I said yes I can do. Then after 5 minutes, I got a warning on the Fiverr app and an email regarded to a warning that you can’t use outside through inbox to contact your buyers. But I didn’t contact a buyer outside from Fiverr.


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You cannot send offers of your services to anyone. You can do two things with the message system:

  1. answer questions and give information after someone contacts you.

  2. contact sellers to ask questions about purchasing their gigs

Also you need to look up the meaning of “outsourcing” since you used that word wrong. You sound confused about all of this.


There is a word ‘website’, what sort of website does it mean, does it mean we can not send a website link to buyer as a sample website we created before for other customer. I am also scared of such warnings, thank u bro for sharing screen shot

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Thank you very much. Thanks

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