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I've Had a bad experience with Customer Service

I’ve been to Fiverr for a few years and I’m at Level 2 All this time I have maintained a 100% positivity. I specialize in video marketing SEO, ranking and positioning VIDEO in searches engines, my username is “Fisrthomebis”. But this last week I’ve had a problem with a customer who wanted me to make a promotion of a video with a few keywords that I personally I seemed offensive to my conscience based on the Bible, then I let them see and even I was willing to cancel the order if he did not agree to change the keywords. He accepted me to use other keywords, but obviously had bad intention, and immediately I handed him his work he put a negative review. In view of that I canceled the order to refund your money but he just did not want to accept in order to harm me as expressed in several messages that he has sent me. But what bothers me more about this situation is that I have been asking the assistance of Customer Service to help me in this problem and although they say they respond in two days, however, as do several days I have written them and they do not respond. I do not know, because by the bad review that this customer has placed me my positivity has dropped to 98%. But I really uneasy silence of Customer Service. Someone could tell me that I can do to submit this complaint a higher court in Fiverr and solve this problem? Thanks a lot

Today I receive the answer, here their opinion:

Eddie Today at 16:51

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern and sorry for the delay, we’re experiencing a high volume of support requests on our end and we do apologize. We are able to cancel the order for you but the feedback on the orders will stay unless we have the buyer’s clear consent. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let me know if you would still like to cancel the orders.


Eddie - Fiverr Customer Support

This is my response to Mr. Eddie of Fiverr Customer Support:


4lifehispanic Today at 17:35

But if you analyze the messages have sent me the buyer you will realize that he will never give consent, and his review is false since this lying, I have not acted with partiality, just that I do not promote all kinds of videos like I clearly explained in my Gig. I need you removed this review as it is a lie and it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of my work, but with a personal vengeance and I think you do not lend themselves to this type of defamation and and injuria. Otherwise Fiverr would lose credibility and a war would return. If you are truly impartial will give me the reason. I hope and trust in your wise decision.

What is your opinion about this? Is it fair that someone just use Fiverr to get revenge?

There’s no higher court.

They receive a large number of tickets every day, so it takes them a while to answer to all of them. Someone mentioned their average response time is 9 days. With the latest additions to the site and the Halloween promotions, I suppose it could be even more.

All you can do is wait.

Here’s an update of the conversation I’m having with customer service, for those who are following


Eddie Today at 00:43

As previously mentioned, your request to remove this rating will not be approved without your buyer’s clear consent. A buyer has a basic right to provide feedback for their experience in the order. I would recommend to contact your buyer and let them know of your concerns on the feedback.


Eddie - Fiverr Customer Support


4lifehispanic Today at 14:20

I’ve already tried that he understands my situation and position, but he does not want to understand it, the only thing he wants is to hurt me and says he will never give in. I understand that a buyer has the right to express their experience with the seller, but it is not logical to lie to hurt. I know that you can remove that review if you want. Since you should not allow that kind of anti-ethical behavior to those who honestly we are trying to earn a living and making an effort to give it a good service to our customers. I think the review is to discuss the work you do, it should not be to defame. Please I want me to communicate with a supervisor you. to see what can be done. Thank you very much.