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Ive had a buyer but do not know what they want urgent


Ive had someone place an order but can not find what they want doing. I have looked on the tabs but all i can find is the name of the gig i posted.The clock is counting down too!


To start of… You posted your question in the wrong category… TIPS FOR SELLERS? We have the Fiverr FAQ Category.

And to start helping you out… Ask the buyer what the Order was for? If the buyer is not responsive and your time is running out… Hit the Resolution Center tab from your Order Page. and select the appropriate action.

Also, you need to have an instruction posted on your Gig. So the buyer will have to fill them out first to make them understood of your instruction. If they Order your Gig without filling up your instruction form, your clock will not count down.


thanks ive messaged the buyer just waiting for a response. If nothing happens ill try the other things. Ive now edited my other gigs to make sure they have instructions! :slight_smile: