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Iv'e had an order and the buyer hasn't filled out the buyer requirements! i'm slightly confused

Hello Fiverr people!

First of all for anybody reading this I would like to just state my appreciation at how pleasant this community is. I’ve been rigorously towards getting my fiverr journey started as I expect many of you have too.

My problem is I have had an order come through but the buyer hasn’t filled out the requirements.

This may be the umpteenth time this has been posted so apologies in advance but is this common? Has the buyer potentially changed their mind?

If anyone has any experience or advice on dealing with this, it would be amazing!



This has happened to me once or twice. Maybe they just forgot to do it. You can remind them politely. If they don’t do it after a long time, you have the option to simply ignore it or to cancel.

The clock doesn’t start until they submit requirements, so you don’t have to worry about late delivery.

Sometimes buyers might take a while filling out the requirements. It depends on the type and amount of information you’re asking for. Just wait for a little, the countdown won’t start until they are done with the requirements anyway.

Thanks for the swift reply guys. Perhaps I’m being impatient as it was only an hour or so ago!

Just send a message to the buyer asking him/her to fill the requirements

Message the buyer or send them a reminder. If you already discussed what you will do with the buyer, then in the gig you can select “I already got what I need, start the order”

Fiverr did an update where we don’t need the customer to fill out the requirement section. Really helps a lot.