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I've just pressed "Publish Gig" on my first fiverr gig!

Hi everyone!

I’ve just spent a few days writing my gig description, working out packages and creating my portfolio. And then, with a combination of excitement and nervousness (why?) I clicked “Publish Gig”!

So now I am official fiverr freelancer! No orders or reviews yet, but hey its only been 10 minutes :slight_smile: I know its going to take a while to get my first order, but that’s OK. I am looking forward to learning the best way to promote my gig, and then providing the best service that I can.


this may be helpful.

Hi. Thanks so much for sending that on, it makes very interesting reading.

wish you good luck. keep trying

There is a free course on fiverr about the marketplace. Please have a look at it. The course is not long, it will give you a good overview.

Wish you a happy freelancing

Thank you :slight_smile:

I had seen that and was thinking about trying it. Glad to hear that it’s worth doing, thanks for letting me know!