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I've lost the promoted gig option

Hello everyone. I have just the promoted gig option and IDK the reason. I went out of office for 5-7 days because I was busy somewhere. When I came back, I lost the promoted gig option. I have 5-star ratings and my one gig has 370 reviews, 2nd has 60 reviews and the third one has 58 reviews.

Is there any way that I can get my promoted gig option back? Please guide.


You should check the ranking of your gigs in marketplace as many sellers who used that option lost their gigs and found all gigs on last page of online sellers. If your gigs are still ranked the option will come back soon or you can contact CS and ask them. Maybe due to being offline you lost eligibility for the promoted gigs


Yes, all my gigs are at the last page as well. But, I have few permanent clients that keep on placing the orders. Will I get this option back? and also my rankings?

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yeah it will come back but no one knows when, you can add a video tp your gigs and see if that solves problem as for some sellers it did solve problem


Sure. Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Losing the opportunity to promote your Gigs may be directly related to you going out of office, and in your own words, “being too busy somewhere”. While you were busy “somewhere”, other sellers were selling and outperforming your Gig(s).

While it may seem unfair that you cannot take a vacation or have something in life come up, it would seem the Fiverr algorithm does not take that into account. This may be why your Gigs are also near the last page.

You should be able to get the promoted feature back as well as hopefully, your Gigs be higher in the pages - but it will take time and you getting orders.



Hi! what would you say about those sellers who were getting orders constantly from old clients and new ones as well on daily basis and then one evening they receive a notification that gigs are not promotable anymore where at the same time all gigs are pushed back to last page of online sellers. If they create new gigs they will also remain on last page. I am one of those sellers btw.

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