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I've met some ridiculously blood sucking smart scammers on Fiverr

Hi, This is my first time on fiverr forum. When I made the first order #F********* on fiverr. The seller was *********. I was excited to review my first order but what I was delivered, a copycat content. How to know the scammers on fiverr? anyone to suggest me on this? Thanks

Mod Note: It is against the forum rules to call out sellers or buyers negatively. You may report the username to Customer Support but the forum is for general advice only.

Often, it´s enough already to simply right-click+google the profile and gig images, portfolio if available. It´s a good starting point either way. Read all reviews, obviously. If you see reviews that look fishy, click to see the profiles of the people who gave the reviews, sometimes cross-checks like that can tell you things as well.

You can filter for sellers by level and number of reviews; a higher level and many reviews make it less probable that they are scammers, but there are exceptions to that, unfortunately, so no guarantee there.

Sometimes it can be helpful to check people´s posting history on the forum too, but, of course, only a fraction of sellers post here.

Good luck next time.


The OP’s account is no longer active?

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Somehow I hate it when some user posted a rant, but then not long after that their account is no longer active. It´s like they don´t give a chance for others to explain that not all sellers are bad (the same like not all buyers are bad).

Especially with that type of ranting where the OP mentioned a specific username, to me it almost seems like a slander instead of the truth.


I couldn’t agree with you more!

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The amount of bad ones is alarmingly high though. Takes some experience and effort to find the good ones and that’s definitely not how it should be.

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@mgjohn78 Luckily I had started to hang out in the forum before I became a buyer, so it didn´t cost me a lot to figure out how to sort out the good sellers. I figured a few techniques on how to find good sellers. I haven´t shared it with anyone here coz I don´t want anyone to take it from me and then if it doesn´t work for them I would be blamed. Besides, there have been a lot of tips from more experienced posters.

My red flags were already raised when i started buying on fiverr, found fiverr as part of a job where i was hired to track down and shut down a spam source. Joined the forum a year later after a bad sellers account was shut down and they were allowed to create a new one.

I have posted several tips over the years but the main thing is to avoid the gig request section.

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You mean the buyer request? I never use that section.

Yeah buyer request but back then it was just labeled “request a gig”

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@mgjohn78 and now (it has been changed recently) it´s labeled ˝Get Free Quotes˝ for buyers and ˝Send Quotes˝ for sellers. :slight_smile:

Seems so. Well, either they decided to not longer bother, or.

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