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I've never received my Fiverr Revenue card but it is allowing me to receive funds

Hi there
For the first time in my Fiverr career, I am about to withdraw my earnings. However, I’m extremely baffled about how I am supposed to withdraw my earnings.

First of all, I made my Payoneer account, and it got approved without any problem. Then I applied for the Fiverr Revenue Card, and I got directed to a page which said that it will notify me once it gets shipped. However, when I select the Fiverr Revenue Card option, I get this popup which is allowing me to transfer funds to the card. But I have not received the card physically, so is this supposed to be like this or is it a bug? Should I press continue or will my money get sucked into oblivion?

Secondly, how do I track the card’s delivery?


No, they expect you to use the card when it arrives. So… the option is there. They can’t track your card, so it’s avaialble as soon as the card is issued, obviously.

Payonner support are the only people to help you. Or, you know, WAIT!

Can you sign into your Payoneer account? If so, there should be something where it will tell you the card has been sent.

This is not a Fiverr issue - you would have to contact Payoneer customer service to see if the card has been sent to you.


Thank your for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes, I can access my Payoneer account. But what bugs me is that i have not received any notification or confirmation letter/email that my Fiverr revenue Card has been shipped. I only saw that confirmation page when i applied for it. So I’m very doubtful if it has even been shipped or not. Are there any prerequisites for the card? I have completed all verification processes on fiverr and Payoneer, including ID verification, so we can put that aside.

I don’t know if this helps you or not, but I still have not sent my earnings to Payoneer. Do I have to do that to order the card?

You need to contact Payoneer customer service and ask them these questions - as I said before, this is not a Fiverr issue, and Fiverr cannot help you with this. I think when I had a Payoneer card years ago, they had a live chat function on their site. If they do not, just send them an email. I think you also have to link your Payoneer card to your Fiverr account, but I cannot remember how that is done, as I have not used Payoneer for years now.

I would not transfer funds from your Fiverr just yet - find out where your card is first.


Yes, you’re definitely right. Thank you a lot for your time; I really appreciate it!

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Hey there!
i’m having the same problem!
i don’t have the payoneer card(i wasn’t even eligible for the card yet)
but I have the fiverr revenue card option, i clicked on it and it was said to be proceed at that time,
more than 48hrs have passed no sign of my money, no email notification nothing from payoneer! what happened with you? I’m really worried about my money!

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