I've never seen this before!


Do you guys are also noticing the new sellers are on the homepage. Fiverr is featuring sellers with just a couple reviews.Is it a new thing or…


Screenshot for us? Hmmm


righ after a top seller crazy!!


Does he have a unique gig there? Maybe that’s why.


but with just one review and some with on review at all on their gig. Yh it might be because of uniqueness…It made me rethink about what i am doing right now…


being on the homepage is a major thing…




The gigs on the homepage are rotated constantly so a gig may be there for a few hours only. They do not usually stay there too long. Also, you see gigs that are targeted to what you have searched for so it’s different for everyone as to what appears.


Fiverr rankings don’t work like Google rankings, and there’s a logical reason. If only the top-rated 5-star gigs showed, there would be no contrast, and it would easy to think the ratings were all bogus. In my category, if you search by ratings, the first row includes gigs with max 5 reviews, except for 1 that has a 4 star rating.

I have more ratings (and 5-star), but I’m on line 3, unless you do a search by relevance, in which case I’m top row.

No matter. Once they scan past the garbage in the first couple of rows, they have to be excited about my gigs, and the credibility of my ratings are established by the low ratings they saw above it.

Further down the front page, there are others sellers that appear to have abandoned Fiverr, and have 3 star ratings. I don’t think they stay in the search long, but no one is ordering their stuff anyway, and it makes our stuff much more credible.



No, they are not being featured, they are just getting the benefit of being new. When you signed up you got the same benefit of being artificially boosted in the rankings - that is how you got your first sales and got the opportunity to get established.


How about I don’t really care about being featured in the “homepage” and just try search your gig but you actually don’t show up? To my understanding, when you do a search of a certain topic or tags whether you are new or top seller, those gigs should at least show up somehow.

My experience is "I am a new seller and recently my views have declined tremendously so I did a personal search just to see how many people offers the same gig or something with a similar service. I was surprised I didn’t show up, so I changed the way I searched and made it more specific, filters and relevance, still nothing. I contacted support but their reply just doesn’t make sense to me, not that I am in denial. I understand greatly what “Editors pick, editors focus” means but because you question them why, the reply is:
"The service you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. "
Ummm ok, I got confused so I sent another reply for them to explain how is my gig “not in accordance with the guidelines” when they review and approve each gig before it goes live? The reply was “Unfortunately, due to our Privacy Policy we cannot discuss anything furthermore about the Editorial decision.” I was like huh?!?? What!??? I’m even more confused now that I had to read my email again to make sure that I didn’t asked about anything regarding editorial decisions but it was about guidelines and approval. Oh, thank God I was right but still confused that I just didn’t message support anymore after that.

Anyways, any of you actually tried to search your gig but can’t find it on search although it is active?

What was Fiverrs response?
I’m very curious.


It happens lots of time . They just need fresh gig with unique service and unique gig photo . Any one can go to homepage there is no criteria. Its totally depends on " Editorial staff "


@untitledartwork thank you for your reply.

I understand completely that this topic might be considered “breaking an egg” but to retaliate to a contributor for addressing an “issue” by getting kicked out or getting banned in the future is just plain petty and childish "IMO"
I am very aware that a lot of us depends totally in Fiverr and we fear we might offend them. Yes, they did created the system but guess what it’s faulty. Seriously, Fiverr is a business and I know they work hard as well to be on top of the chain but they need to wake up and swallow their pride if they want to be the best of the best.(Speaking in general)
An issue arises because well "it’s an issue that needs to be addressed or corrected"
I can’t help it if some of them are "butt hurt!"
I am very tolerant 95% of the time and I welcome criticisms and issues with open mind.
I am an adult as well, If I have questions then I need direct answers(not those vague, "for privacy reasons we can’t discuss) If you don’t know the answer then find someone who does. Don’t just reply to get rid of me from your query and your answer doesn’t even make sense.

If they do a survey for both buyers and sellers today, they probably get lets say a 80% good to bad with lots of ideas what can be done to better fiverr. They need to narrow down that 20% coz somewhere in there are real issues.

@pintoo0 I did mention before that I could care less how the editorial staff manage the homepage. I just wanted that if I do a general search, I don’t care if i’m the very last of somewhere, I want to be able to find me. Rankings and reviews are awesome and are great help but I am fully confident with what I do, the projects I offer and create outside of fiverr. I know not all the same but whatever I wrote today is not a “distructive criticism.”

I know I’m not alone with this plea but not all voices will be heard. I hope to be that voice for those others who solely depends on fiverr.

But this message might not even go nowhere, oh well what to do.

Anyways, have a great day all and God bless.


I suspect the reason you don’t show up in search results is due to copyright/licensing issues.
If you are licensed to sell Harry Potter merchandise then you should contact Fiverr with proof of that.
If not then why do you expect Fiverr to promote unlicensed products?


I think fiverr has a gig rotation system. Without that new sellers will never get orders.


Thanks for the info, seems like you know what you’re talking about. If the first 2 people would have told me that I wouldn’t have been in this forum, didn’t earn my first mention and first like. Fiverr need more people like you.
Always good to learn new things.


I have a question for you, are you in the Caribbean right now?

Because you are definitely not in the US and I wonder why your location is being shown as such.

You must be on a VPN.


Glad to help. Of course I do not know 100% that this is the reason but it would appear to be the most likely. I do wish that communication was clearer at times but it is Fiverr’s choice to make.


Absolutely Correct! That’s what i was gonna write! :pray::+1:t4:


much appreciated:slight_smile: