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I've not been receiving order for some time now, please can you advice me on what to do

I started Fiverr as a seller On the 20th of May 2020, I successfully completed almost 11 Orders with 5 Star and good reviews from my clients within the first month. I noticed that the rate at which I’m receiving order reduced greatly after the first month… And now it’s almost more than 14 days since I received order.

I’ve promoted my Gigs on different platforms and also took some Fiverr courses, but all to no avail.

Please I’ll be very Glad if you can offer me a beautiful suggestions on what to do.

Thank You.


Here are some tried and true tips to help you become a better seller:

Good luck!


I think most people face this problem currently. I don’t know how i could help you. But i believe you’ll get through this.

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Thank You.
I really appreciate your comment.

That happens to me too. Fiver made me a Level 1 seller last month and since then my sales have started to decline. The last one I got was looking through buyer requests. I am currently updating my offers and trying to make them more attractive. If your situation improved, it would be good to know. Regards!