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I've only received two orders and I didn't get more

I’ve been on Fiverr for a year. I’ve only received two orders and I didn’t get more. please help me.Improve my gig


I would say your gig images are bit outdated. They are what people call “Generic logo type” which is people tend to avoid. Google “Generic logos: how to spot and avoid them” there are good articles you should read. In the first article itself you can find similar to logos you have made.


Ouch. Two orders over the span of a year is clearly indicative of further underlying issues in the services you offer.

Logo design, banner ad design, and background removal are hyper-saturated and hyper-competitive categories on Fiverr. They also happen to be the commonly recommended categories from the harmful and idiotic “Fiverr money gurus” who litter YouTube, blogs, and the web in general.

If there is no demand for what one is offering, then one must adapt and change in an attempt to eventually find and meet a demand. There is no easy solution for the predicament you are currently in but the most obvious course of action is, change what you are currently doing as it is obviously not working.


thanks for good advice

You are a great man,Thank you

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