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I've paid for 2 services and I don't receive nothing

What can I do, who can you trust on this site?


Have you contacted customer support?


@florintanasa First try to contact sellers.If they don’t response please contact customer support.
I suggest you before place an orders please go through sellers profile and ratings and what they offer.If you can contact them before place the order that would be great for getting a better result.That will help you to get a quality service.Fiverr is a great platform with quality sellers.

don’t know what to tell about this 2 times and no responses and no actions, you must to introduce another system for paying, when you receive the service to pay automatically.

Can you cancel the order?

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Already payed how to cancel?

If the order is not complete you should have a resolve now button on the order page - do you see it?

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one of the seller disappear and another one it’s …

don’t know how to access this

Don’t call out another seller.

Support will hopefully be able to help you.

Best of luck.
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That seller you called out is flat out lying in her profile anyway.

She claims 2 years experience on this platform, yet joined in Oct 2016. The profile picture returns a whole bunch of Desi Girls stuff so I suspect it’s some actress who I can’t be bothered to look up. With only 3 reviews since joining, all from the same guy and awful English despite being in the USA (where in the USA is it 5-6am right now: it is currently 12:32am in London, for example? You can check this simply by clicking contact in the profile and noting the time zone right now)

Take a look at your other guy–betcha the same bullshit’s there. Spend some time researching who you buy from and it’ll save you a lot of wasted time with scammers. There are plenty of trustworthy sellers on this site–but there are also a lot of idiot scammers out here seeking mugs. Don’t be a mug, do your research–else you’ll meet a man with beard pretending to be a sexy female expert who can do whatever the hell it is you want.

Go to Customer Support, complain about the dreadful service and present the evidence that these people are lying and potentially in a review ring. You’ll get your money back, and they may even be kicked off Fiverr (only to be reborn as a new sexy female expert)


Please report the seller to Customer Support, but edit your post to delete her name, it´s not allowed to mention other users by name in such cases here on the forum.

If you will look for another seller to get your job done, maybe pay attention to things like if they use photos from celebrities like actresses (right-click the profile photo, search with Google) and to spelling mistakes when they claim to be in the USA, if their reviews are all by the same person and such, that isn´t a surefire way to avoid bad sellers, but might help.

(lol Emma was faster and said it all already, I´ll leave the post up for the link to Customer Support though ;))


Snap, @miiila!

20 cha…

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I noticed the same thing - no stereo types though: Basic English - USA - Model - Spelling issues…

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Poli kalo :slight_smile: emmaki thanks miiila :wink:


It is very unfortunate for the honest sellers from the few countries that consistently seem to produce a certain kind of seller.

Ωραία λοιπόν, @florintanasa!

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Am I right to infer that a “a man with beard” is worse than just “a man” when one expects a sexy female?
Asking for a friend.

I think it depends on one’s preferences. After all, there is a big market for bearded ladies and odd fictitious stories regarding females in distress whose overwhelming concern is to remain on their feet.

Perhaps some even want that lady to have a lush forest of facial hair as they struggle to remain upright. This could be a new market for you Eoin. Do you have a good lady voice?

NB: squeaky leprechaun impersonations don’t count. Or maybe they do. I don’t know.

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