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I've payed a gig but i can't find my order, i even receiven an email


I’ve paid a $15 gig yesterday and until now i can’t find my order here on the website, i even received an email to confirm my order, but fiverr already charged my credit card.

What can i do?



This link appears “Manage Sales” to me…


Go to (the main site)

Move your mouse over Buying link, click on orders.

It should appear there

If not then contact CS

Click this link


I will have to contact them because when i click “Buying” i only can see:
How fiverr works
Manage requests
post a request


It’s empty to me… i can’t believe… could be possible i been scammed? my card has already been charged in $15


no one here has access to your account, contact Customer Support. They usually answer 48 hours or less.


also, did you give the buyer the requirements he/she/it asked for the gig when you ordered?


I can think only “accept offer or order” to pay on Fiverr. If you did one of these,
If must appear on your order page. If not, you need to contact customer with you mail confirmation and order page screenshots.
Before doing that, you may logout-ligin once or clear beowser cache.


I am the buyer… i made everything that the website asked to make, I filled out all requested fields