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I've placed 200 orders & 17% of them were canceled

I never really considered myself a buyer on Fiverr, but I just looked and turns out I’ve placed over 200 orders in the last couple years!

The unfortunate thing is that 34 of those orders were canceled.

  1. Follow-through: Seller never delivered the work.
  2. Communication: Seller never acknowledged my order/messages.
  3. Rule-breaker: Seller delivered without completing the order, “I’ll get this to you in a few days.”
  4. Quality: Seller failed to deliver everything I ordered.

Number 4 was the worst.

Canceled, "Service not as described."
Many of these orders were graphic design related. I got the “source file” extra but they would never send it.

At least 2 of 5 sellers told me they deleted the files by accident but did not want to refund me because they had already given me the “finished product” (both of the so-called “finished products” needed tweaking because of typos/color choices/etc.).

Canceled, "Couldn’t agree on price."
The other three sellers who failed to send the source file said I would need to pay even more since it took them so much time… :fearful:

HINT: If you think you deserve more compensation, raise the price of your gig. Don’t tell me last minute and hold half my order hostage expecting that I’ll pay.

Of course, many of my orders were completed successfully and went off without a hitch. But it’s still alarming that 17% so far have been canceled as a result of a seller’s inexperience with the platform and/or lack of customer service skills.


Source Files:

I always deliver source files even if buyer don’t ask, it saves my headache of saving them in my hard drive, whenever I need them I trace them by order and get them back if needed. I do not know why some sellers keep source files with them with intent that buyer will come back, but it gives negative impact instead.