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Ive promoted more than 45 Indie Authors, still counting, now it your turn!

HI everyone Kindle King here! My gig offers 55 Facebook Group post, with more than 100,000 real people. I also post in forums targeted to book readers. Thats right! get it all for $5 order now!

Only do this if you want to make about 1 extra sale that you probably made anyway and wish to be associated with spammy people. Here’s a real tip: make your book free for a short amount of time or join the kindle unlimited program. Don’t forget to target blogs related to your book’s area with a guest post. You know, all the good old stuff. Don’t have time? Hire a writer or VA to do it manually. If you can afford it, get one on retainer. If you get a really good one, they’ll help with all kinds of other stuff too.

Success is hard, and worth more than $5 from a spammy post from a self-proclaimed ‘Kindle King’.


Reply to @emmaki: LOL! a top rated seller trying to bash a smaller one. Yea because I get people 1 extra sale. RIGHT! your a joke settle down.