I've received really appalling service. What should I do?


I finally decided to give Fiverr a go after a period of consideration. In principle it sounds like a great idea. Professionals out there able to deliver product at competitive prices. A gig economy approach. However my first experience has been a complete fiasco. And I suspect outright fraud to be at play. I might have been unlucky with the vendor I picked. But there are, on reflection, some very suspicious aspects to their profile including fake artwork. I have a lot of gigs lined up but I want to make sure issues are resolved properly before progressing further, How does one connect directly with FIverr to resolve issues around incomplete, undelivered or unacceptable projects.


You can contact fiverr customer support here: https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


From here ^^


@niallgately Dtto to Zoe’s response. You can also click the “Resolve Now” button on the order page as a first step. If at that point, you are still unable to find a resolution with the seller, I would then contact Fiverr Support for assistance. If it truly is a “fraudulent” matter, then you may want to notify Fiverr so they can investigate further.


I agree, that is another way. There are many ways you can contact them to get this solved! Hope it goes well!


@niallgately this is very disappointing news, however do not let this ruin your experience with Fiverr, There are many great people who do an amazing job with their orders. I am quite confident that Fiverr Support will assist. I truly hope you will give Fiverr another chance to make this a great working experience.


Why would you possibly be tempted to do business with them?
If you see an ad that screams ‘Scam!!!’ on Craigs List for a product you need, would you buy it and then question if Craigs List is of any use? No pun intended. Just curious.


Well it was my first time. I have lots of work I need done in tb earea of brand packaging and design so I’m defintiely going to try a couple of other vendors first before I lose faith in Fiverr.


I have Zoe and they have replied so I’m contact with them at the moment. Thanks.


Your welcome! Hope it goes well!


In fairness I can’t fault Fiverr. They seem to be very quick to respond to and engage in direct communication. They’re working with me on this to find a resolution.


That is great news! :rose: