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I've seen a gig i'm really interested in purchasing but the seller is not responding to my messages, should I still go ahead and purchase the gig?

The seller is the only one I can see on fiverr with this great offer that I personally want to purchase but its been days and the seller still hasn’t responded to my message showing my interest. The seller has good reviews and I still want to purchase but I worry that he may not even do the work since he doesn’t even seem to be on fiverr much. I don’t understand why a seller would not even respond to an interested buyer, it doesn’t make sense to me especially as it would benefit both of us


Don’t order it direct - sounds like it will end in tears if you do.


People have lives.

I don’t think you should purchase without hearing back first, if they don’t do the job you’ll just end up waiting until the timer runs out to be able to cancel the order to get your refund, waste of time.


It is odd for someone not to reply quickly. even if it is to decline.
Yes wait. And look to see what others are in this space.

Look for quality work far more than price. Always ask yourself why someone would be selling their thing for $5 when people are paying $50, $500, or $5,000 for professional work?


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I think nobody does that on purpose. Maybe something comes up or may be the seller is on vacation. I personally don’t waste a single sec after seeing any messages from buyers.

Just ask specifically, “are you interested to do that work for me.”

Sometimes seller don’t take new order when they have more order in queues, sometimes they don’t take any order based on buyer message but they’ll definitely make a reply whether they’re interested or not.

I agree, it would be a gamble. You can find another person buddy, there are plenty of specialists here on s Fiverr! Good luck.

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