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I've solved the phone verification problem! Unable to submit verification code!!

This problem is what I met yesterday.
Fiverr wants to verify my identity with the mobile phone verification code.
I entered the verification code correctly.
But the submit button is still gray.I can’t submit my verification code.
I went to the Fiverr customer service for help.The problem is still unsolvable!
At last I found a solution to this problem!

Enter your verification code with the on-screen keyboard of the computer!!!
How to open the on-screen keyboard:
1.Windows logo key+Ctrl+O
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2.Open Windows settings> Easy to use> keyboard批注 2020-03-28 125853 批注 2020-03-28 125940 批注 2020-03-28 133322

If my method solves your problem.Please reply me.
Let my method help more people! :心: Thank you!

If you still have a problem,you can tell me.
I will try my best to help you.

I am a newcomer in fiverr.I posted my gigs but yet not received any orders.
Allow me to introduce my Gigs: :笑脸:
Thank you once again!


I was facing same problem and was stuck in verification submission. But i adopt your guiedence by on screen keyboard and finally resolved the problem. Thanks

Please I encountered this problem on my smartphone how do I resolve it?