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I've started my new account and created my first gig!

Hello my friends,

This month, I started a fiverr account and created my first gig!

Could you please advice me to improve the gig? I’m waiting for your important advice!!

Thank you all.

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Good luck. I´ve started a new account too.

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You too! Thanks!!:smiley:

Hi friends,

I’ve updated the link of this gig!


I am not an expert in your field, but I like your gig overall. You have good images and a nice description. I think you should add a third image, so potential buyers can have 1 more thing to look at. You could also add a short video, where you can display a lot of your work.

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Thanks for the good advice and your nice comments!

Hello @blenddesign
It’s a great time to start your journey in Fiverr. Best of luck :boxing_glove: