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I've stopped getting orders

How are you all? So it’s been almost 35 days since I created my first gig. And I got my first order just after 14 days by sending offers on buyer requests. Actually, I got 2 orders simultaneously which I had completed successfully, and got myself two 5-star ratings. Then, I got 2 more orders from buyer requests only. I have completed all the orders on time and got 3 five star reviews but now I’ve suddenly stopped receiving any order. I apply to almost 6-8 buyer requests daily. But still not getting any order.

I just wanted to know if this is a normal usual thing or if there is any problem with my gig. Is it being reviewed by Fiverr? I also wanted to acknowledge that one of the buyer’s requests I applied to placed order almost after one week. I thought buyers need their work done within a day or two. So is it possible that I can receive orders from requests even after many days?

I would really appreciate suggestions from all those experienced sellers out there.:slightly_smiling_face:



same here mate … I have completed more than you but no orders these days …

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What may could be the reason?

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don’t know but saw so many sellers has same issue these days. … stay strong with hope … :facepunch:

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Keep patience brother. This problem is facing almost all the beginners.


If big sellers are facing these problems…I can understand I’ve just begun. Btw thanks for the reply.

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Same situation with me!! I am very worried

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Keep patience bro, Hope you will get order.

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