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I've stopped getting sales


I don’t know what happened. I suddenly stopped gettings sales.
And i don’t know what to do. I apply also on buyers request still nothing.

I’ve contacted fiverr to find why i’m not getting any sales and they said nothing
is wrong with my account. I’ve rewritten my gigs.

I’ve researched and researched.

Please i need advice on what next to do.


I too, after a period of pause, I returned from a lvl 2 seller to a simple seller. You must review your “gigs” and see what is currently the market wants. Promote your work on social media. And never forget to make the 10 requests in the “buyer requests” section every day.


Hey there,
I read about the 10 request in the “buyer request” section that you mentioned. My problem is that I never do 10 a day because there are never shown that much (even though I check it many times during the day even from mobile) and my gigs are related to the subcategory Social Media Marketing.

Any thoughts what I can do about that?


Take some time to read the plethora of tips that’s readily available. Sales will not be handed to you on a silver :plate_with_cutlery: platter! Roll up your sleeves and put in the work!!! :muscle:t4:

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with only 1 category is really tough. Try to understand what other fields you can do.

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same problem Here :frowning:


helo you getting salers…you share you work on the social media .thn you achived your task …

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Maybe the trend changed.
Or you have a competitor that is strong enough and has more value at a cheaper price

Hello, there were some great tips! :slight_smile: thank you about that. I’ve already had 3 orders until now, all from buyers request, not a single order by itself :frowning:

Your recent delivery was 3 hours ago so you are on your way again. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same problem! What’s happening?
Also no more byer requasts for last 3 days?

It’s all started a week ago, since the fiver introduced new rules to push the level of sellers down. I was a salesman of level 2 and level 1 and now I’m without any level.
I had regular orders and now I have NOTHING for a week now!

Fiverr, why are you doing this???

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Please - can you stop posting the same thing over and over again?

Thank you! :sunny:

OK, but many people here hve the same problem. I’m trying to ask whats happening here?
Do you know something maybe about the new Fiverr problem?

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I’m sorry - I’m afraid I don’t know. :frowning_face:

I do hope it improves for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you type “new levels system” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on the subject. You are not alone. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The update was useful only for top sellers. For those with few but good customers it was a blow. You have to roll up your sleeves and start everything from zero.

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:three: orders from BR is great! Something is better than nothing at all!

Search :mag_right: #UPYOUR in the search field! You’ll find a series covering things to help you.

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I have NO social media of my own. I don’t want to make any social media to promote my Fiverr gigs. Becouse I don’t get my gigs from other social media but here, and I will not get it even I start promoting there…
I’m only active on Fiverr. Fiverr takes 20% from us to make his job - a Fiverr promotion

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