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I've Stopped Tipping. Service Fee on Tip? Ridiculous and GREEDY!

I actually enjoy giving back a little extra tip for services. BUT, the service fee on top of the tip is pure GREED.


I completely share your opinion. It’s too bad that Fiverr is forcing it’s loyal buyers into these kinds of situations.


I feel the same way about the fees added on tips. It’s ridiculous! :skull_and_crossbones:

Even though it makes me madder than a wet :chicken: hen. I still generously tip the amazing Sellers that I work with. It’s a basic instinct, however, it’s just horrible that I’m paying extra fees to do so. I recently became a Pro Buyer ~ received a welcome letter and other stuff. I spend good money on this website so it just rubs me the wrong way.


I did not know fiverr took 20% of the tip as well as charging me the service fee. That means I pay $12 to tip the seller $8…


service fee is increasing that makes both buyer and seller sad… one of my buyer said, he was charged $7 for a $5 gig, whereas we, sellers get $4… $3 out of $7 is 43% and that is too much…


Hmm… Now I got the answer to my question “Why am I not tipped these days?” :angry:


Yes! You are correct. Here’s how it breaks down:
First the buyer pays for the gig. Say, $5. + Fiverr fee $2. Total: $7
A tip of $5 and Fiverr service fee $2. Total $7
Total $14


That’s your choice, but it’s the seller you’re hurting, not Fiverr. If you can afford to tip and the service fee, do so. Even if it’s just $5, it means a lot to us.


A pro buyer, or a top buyer?

I agree the service fee on tip is ridiculous!!!

Fiverr explains that the service helps it operate it’s 24/7 High Level Customer Support. You know what I say?!

You don’t need no friggin customer support to tip!. First they take commision from the tips, now they add on service fees?!

(although the commision on tip makes sense in a way. Just not the service fee. )



I’m a Pro Buyer! 5r rolled out the Pro Buyer Club a few weeks back. It’s different from TRB (Top Rated Buyer) I shared info about it on the forum some time ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t m the they have the Pro Buyer, I can’t find back your thread, can you summarise what special about it?

Hey, Chris!

It’s funny when I talked about the PRO Club, it was in response to one of your post. :smiley:

Anyway, I talked about it here. :arrow_double_down: I’ve received a bunch of emails from 5r about the Pro club. However, I didn’t read them since I took a break from it all.

Nothing special it’s just a fancy title. :smile:


Yeah that is a little weird to make people add a service fee on a tip.


It’s detrimental on so many levels.

I had a regular buyer, who spent hundreds of dollars on fiverr gigs (he is a professor, so he has $$$) – BUT he went MIA… for a long time! Last week he ordered from me, and said, although I was the best advertiser he’s dealt with – he has taken his business to another well known platform that charges .45 cents service fee-- out of principle – because he thought the service fees on fiverr were out of control.

He was always a great tipper. :no_mouth::cry: Hoping he comes back again!

But that’s just one example.

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Your story is exactly what I am talking about. I’ve spent hundred of dollars on Fiverr but I am going to a competitor. I hope the sellers will move too.

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:zipper_mouth_face::disappointed_relieved: so unfortunate!

I totally agree - service fee on top of the tip is straight GREED! The tip is for the seller and Fiverr should not be getting a cut out of it. Ridiculous is the right word!!


Taking the 20% like normal pay as part of the platform; That makes sense. Purposely breaking out the transactions for the rendered services and the tip to double your flat service fees…not cool. It’s shady. It is possible to run a lucrative business, while providing value, and NOT grabbing up every penny along the way. It really makes the providers lose out, because I can’t imagine how many people don’t tip strictly based on the repetitive service fee.


They are taking 20% because sellers and even buyers would abuse the system. They would agree for extra work that’s not covered by the 20% fee, which means Fiverr won’t get their cut. So, it’s mostly due to people trying to bend the rules and cutting corners.


I think that everyone shares this opinion. What we could do as a community would be to plan a strike. Though, we would need some top sellers to be with us to do this. It would also require a lot of work, but if it’s for the greater good for everyone, then we should do it. Anyone interested in doing something like this, please leave a comment and we can try plan such a movement across the community