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I've Stopped Tipping. Service Fee on Tip? Ridiculous and GREEDY!

I think there are actually a few places in the world where the custom is to do the work and then get paid afterwards, with complete trust and knowing the buyer will do that.

Some genuine Japanese restaurants have, or at one time had, the custom of bringing huge amounts of food to a table without having first presented any menu with prices, and continuing to heap food on the table until being begged three times to stop, then never presenting a check. The patron would leave an amount they felt appropriate. I experienced this in a remote part of Hawaii.

There is another country I can think of with similar customs. It is possible this is the first time sellers have encountered the idea of paying for anything first.

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So, Sad. I really agree with you. Giving & receiving tips should become free. :slight_smile:

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Fiverr is basically looking to destroy the client base. Charging 5% or more for services AND tips is pure, unadulterated BS.

It is disgusting that Fiverr trouser such a large percentage of tips, but as with a few other immoral or incompetent practices on here, its put up or shut up, because they have shown very little interest in amending anything they do to benefit users beyond the excellence of the original concept and the platform.
I have to admit, though that the taxing of tips doesn’t affect me much. After initially getting quite a few, they are pretty rare now, but frankly I’d rather the repeat customers and 100% 5* reviews (for all that matters the ridiculously implemented tiers system), because people trust me to deliver what they want.

That said, if anyone wants to tip me at any stage, I am always extremely gracious and grateful, because it is a concrete and entirely unexpected and unnecessary expression of appreciation.

So to those buyers who do tip from time to time, whether to myself or anywhere else, hats off to you.

Whew! I had no idea Fiverr puts a service fee on tips as well. It’s a tip. Why remove money from it?

I do believe that the sellers you tip are quite deserving of this gift, and I suggest you write to Fiverr Support, and keep up the good work.

I knew Fiverr took their 20% out of tips, but I didn’t know they started charging a second service fee for living a tip too. It’s no wonder no one leaves a tip anymore.

I read someone say their excuse was to cover costs of a high level customer service 24/7. They usually take 24hrs to respond and then it’s a template based response 9/10 times!

well, I’ll not get into Fiverr here (I just started to sell and I don’t need problems :)), but I will tell you what happens here in Canada lately: If you leave a tip of let’s say 15% on a service, they apply it on the service AND the taxes they collected for it! :slight_smile:

Fiverr might be operating on a very thin margin as far as how much they earn and how much they pay for payment processing so they are asking for the extra amount to cover that.

However the last I heard Visa didn’t allow companies to charge extra to cover payment processing fees. But then fiverr does not handle visa directly. So who knows? All we can do is guess why. I know that my tips decreased a lot when that went into affect.

You are right. That’s why I haven’t got any tip :wink: