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I've Stopped Tipping. Service Fee on Tip? Ridiculous and GREEDY!

But no serious seller would ever accept that deal. That would just get rid of the scummy buyers and sellers.

Serious or not, a lot of people would do that. And Fiverr would have no incentive to track tips (that they get no cut from) just to ban people. It would be too much work that could go into something else.

Anyway… to each his own. I am 100% sure the tipping fees will not go away, there’s no incentive for Fiverr to do it, and it would just open up the doors to scammers.

A $2 service fee on tips is so lame. I really hope Fiverr takes note of this. This was my first time using the service and it’s been great until this final step. This makes me really mad.

Think about it this way. With Paypal, sellers have no withdrawal fees. So that’s something.

As for tips themselves, I already talked a few times about it, this is based on the idea that people would abuse the system and just place orders around tips, because they are not charged.

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I was surprised about the fee on the tip. @donnovan86 this makes sense to me, but surely there could be a better way to do this.

One example is to just apply the fee to the larger of the two amounts (base service, vs. tip). Since the base service is almost always more than the tip, this is where it would apply. If anyone tried to game the system by lowering the base cost, the fee would land on the tip. At least then I’m not hit by it twice.

I just started using Fiverr and clicked quickly and caught after hitting submit a $2 fee on a $5 tip. Very disengaging and destroys incentive to tip, especially for lower dollar jobs where there is already little margin for sellers.

How would that benefit Fiverr? They are here to make money as a business, so they charge everything. I am sure this policy will never change, every business is there to make money and charging only a part of the income still brings in various ways for people to cheat the system.

I have only $5 gigs myself and receive tips pretty often. No one forces people to send any tip, and I doubt a $2 charge would stop someone from tipping. If it does, then they might not want to send a tip in the first place. Plus, tips are not mandatory