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I've updated my GIG many times :(

Hello experts,
I visited and checked my GIG’s Impressions, Clicks and Views for last 7 days, Here’s what I found:
IMPRESSIONS: 987 (Arrow Down)
CLICKS: 7.5K (Arrow Up)
VIEWS: 7.5K (Arrow Up)

What’s the problem with IMPRESSIONS?

I am just thinking that I’ve updated my gig many times. But from last 30 days, I didn’t update it.

Somewhere I read that If my GIG image is not good but clicks and views are better than the problem is with GIG image.
I am just worried about this, I am scared that if I update my gig again It will decrease more?

I can’t explain it in good words but If you understood, Please suggest me something.

Your stats look great for the last 7 days, but in reality the only number you mainly should be focusing on is sales.

Thanks for your response, I am much motivated from your words.
But unfortunately I’ve no sales :frowning:

share your gig in social to increase impression. Also, Impression isn’t too much essential if you get enough views and click in your gig.

Thanks for your input. I am happy to tell you all that I’ve updated my GIG image, and Impressions are increased. In 8 hours It’s now 1.2k (arrow down) from 987 (arrow down)

Thanks again!