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IVR and rights question

Hi there,

I am fairly new to Fiverr and have worked a couple of jobs with IVR. On my last job I charged $10 commercial rights. I wasn’t sure whether to do commercial or broadcast but as the IVR was for a commercial phone system I thought it would be more appropriate. My client is asking questions about the commercial rights and I want to be sure that I’ve got it right for them. Am I right to charge Commercial rights on a company voicemail voice over? If not I’ll get back to them pronto!



Commercial rights are usually for when the buyer wants to use the recording to sell a product or service. It sounds like what you’re providing is the actual service.


Ah, understood. In that case I’ll remove the charge.

Thank you

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My understanding is that commercial rights means it’s for business usage.

Actually, how you understand those rights is totally up to you, as long as you disclaim them fully in the gig and FAQ section you can make them work for you: just ensure the buyer is on the same page as yourself and you should be cool.

The voice related rights bits of the terms are an interesting read.

My plan with VO is to offer gigs, but to exclude TV usage on them, unless by prior arrangement, that way I can charge more inline with the voice industry standards. Proper rights. Proper rates.

(God, I’ve become one of those pretentious VO types who are defending rights and rates!)

As for telephony stuff, individuals tend to voice their own greetings: everyone else should pay a commercial rate for a commercial grade product IMHO.

I’ll probably include rights as standard and make that a selling point on my IVR gigs.

If they’re happy to pay it, do you really want to discount?

Surely that money is better off being yours!?!?


Please, please don’t take my post as criticism - it’s really not!

All I want to say is that in one breath you are talking about ‘commercial rights’ - and in the next breath you are talking about ‘$10’.

In my humble opinion, these two phrases do not go hand in hand.

Since when were commercial rights worth just $10? $10 is like two or three reams of cheap A4 / letter size paper for the company photocopier or a couple of take out coffees - it’s nothing to a business. Commercial rights should be worth so much more.

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Thanks both. Yes, agreed, I don’t want to charge too little because I absolutely don’t want to devalue the service. I’m very much in my infancy in voice over work and tentatively charging while I find my feet. I’m not new to freelancing so once I get my teeth into the timings, rates and legalities I’ll feel more confident to set the correct price tags. It’s fabulous to get feedback and I appreciate it.


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