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Izotop RX7 Help?

Not sure if this is the right place for this question. Hope so.
So I’ve been using audacity and its various plugins for post recording work.
I decided to give RX7’s 30day free trial a go to test its audio clean up in particular its declicker.
So I downloaded it and the first thing I do is open a mp3 file in RX7 from my desktop, press play and…just a garbled mess of audio. I thought mabey it was the 32 bit version of RX7 so I tried it with the 64 bit version…same issue. I’ve tried multiple WAV and MP3 files and all of them when I press play are just a garbled static mess.
All the exported files play fine on windows,audacity and even here on Fiverr.
Any tips on what I need to do in RX7? Everything is set to the downloaded defaults.


I have RX7 , most likely culprit is the drivers you are using for the input device. If you have pre-amp drivers that could be it. My preamp drivers play havock on the sound card, if I use Windows default drivers in Adobe Audition.

It’s a windows laptop so its realtec high definition audio drivers…pretty sure it’s up to date but I’ll check. However if those drivers are the problem wouldnt the Wav and Mp3 files be garbled everywhere?
Why only in RX7?

Try another product with a trial period and see it it opens the mp3 fine. Then you will know it’s just that version of RX7

Will try…thank you very much.

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What’s your workaround for pre amp drivers screwing with adobe audition? Certainly your not uninstalling the pre amp drivers everytime you use audition are you?

Make sure you select the driver that came with the preamp like Sonos for example. Windows drivers tend to be used by default.
Can’t remember if RX7 has settings in it self for selecting ouput of the audio played. I’ve only had this problem like yours in Audition

Yup ,sure enough when I got back to the studio and plugged my laptop back into the pre amp, RX7 was good to go. ( using a line 6 UX2).
However that pre amp dosent travel with me. I gotta figure out how to use RX7 with just windows drivers when I’m on the road.
Thanks again.
…and wow, RX7 declick pluggin is basically magic.
Even the auto assistant does a better job than I could do manually…after many, many hours.

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Sweet, glad you got it working! :+1:

De-plosive is a miracle also!