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January '20 earning droped

Hello all fiver’s community members! January '20 - last 2 week I have no sales. No any new buyer, even no order from old Buyer. My earnings are starting to drop. What is the reason? Can anyone say January experience?

Thanks all!


Please, Can anyone say January experience?

Keep calm bro… Its because of new year vecations.

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Thank you brother! Pray for me.

Amen dude sir dead bro

I was at the top of the first page but I have also lost my gig ranking suddenly and my gigs are not appearing into pages 1 to 10. My gig impression was 25k but now it is 0.5k ! :sob: It’s really very disappointing matter while most of the sellers are getting enough orders regularly.


My condition same. More very disappointing thing is, very low condition (3 star, 4 star, 4.5 star, new sellers) gigs are now first page. My best gig earned 1400+ 5 star rating with 99% 5 stars. No any bed rating. But no appearing fist page. Even next few pages.