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January Sales


hows everyones New Year sales for 2014 started, mine gig sales have drop significantly, just wanted to see how other fiverr sellers are getting on in the new year.




My January sales are great.

Are you promoting, and in the right places?


Now VOW’s best months last year were my two worst months. Nov & December.

However, January is already looking better than November, but still “off” from my peak.


I think January is probably going to be my most profitable month yet. I have noticed more and more people on this site are asking for bigger jobs.


Ok looks like I have to start promoting my gigs a little more, any ideas best places to promote testimonial and video intro gigs?


My gigs have slowed down a lot this month. I think there was a big rush in December, with everyone trying to get there orders done before/during Christmas - but are now settling down and having their holiday break.


My January is going great. I’ve already had to up my delivery time twice because many of the orders I am getting are for bulk or multiples. Much better than December… that’s for sure…


Good to hear some sellers are doing great in January.


my december was very good, but january has dropped off, hopefully it will pick up again soon


I’ve had a significant drop in sales as well. Both December and so far in January. :frowning:


sorry to hear tht katieder123, do you promote your gigs?