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January VS February


As a new member of fiverr last month was great for me. I got 9 order one after one.But this Month I didn’t get any order. What about you guys??

And pro member’s do you have any advise for me?


When I work hard then I get orders. This month I am not working for some personal reason.

And In January I got much knock from buyers than this month …There are many reason of not getting orders .In my case , I haven’t promote my service this month , got a bad review , order cancellation increased , gig position down.And for these reason mentally sick .Now spending time on forum to learn something And Preparing for the next month …


You need to find the market
Promote your gig in social media networks
Send the buyer requests (10)


I also didn’t promote my service and also got a order cancellation.quite same situation. But u earned more money than me. Good luck wish you’ll be blast in next month.


I’ll do this.Thank you


Thanks for the wish. I think if you work hard and promote your service You will be succeed. As I have targeted to earn $1000 in January .And I have earned almost $1000.I have two cancellation in January otherwise my earning would be $1000+.My next target is also big. So for every seller I will recommend target an amount and plan how to promote .If he/she work hard he/she will sure success.

And Hope you will get more orders .

Best Of Luck