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January, whorst month ever?

Hi Guys.
Is my impression or January are is a horrible sales month? I’ve sell many gigs on November and December but January the sell are 1/4 or the other months… And some days ago i reach the Level 2 seller…
Is general or only happen to me?
I have the same gigs, the same reputation, a new Seller Level…

I am not a level 2 seller like you and a big Bravo by the way. I happen to be a 1 level…anyway, I also have the same impression that this month is somehow slow on sales. You are right. But it may also be some kind of a coincidence…so be patient and things will eventually get better.

This is the second post I am reading. A TRS posted the same thread in a different category ;). Yes, it seems slow to me as well.

Yes i am also having the same problem, my sales have become almost zero. i hope things will get better soon

yes annai80, because the first time i put the post in an existing topic, because i didn’t saw the option of a New topic, sorry!

Oh no worries at all on my part :wink: . I thought it was interesting to hear that other sellers are experiencing a decline in sales. Best of luck!!!

I have no new sales for 7 days now, I hope Fiverr will solve this issue…