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Java and C# help? Coding help?

I am trying to learn how to code… I would classify myself as intermediate. There are not a lot of sites out there that cater to intermediate programmers. I am wondering if someone would be willing to mentor me or refer me to a site where I can develop?

Hey, helpcscience18,

When it comes to c# and .NET I cannot recommend enough. They are targeted at intermediate and advanced developers, although they have a couple of cool beginner courses, too :slight_smile:

It is not free but there is a free 3-day trial and it is enough to go through three courses (depending on what the course is on).

Honestly though, I would define an intermediate programmer as one who can handle things himself without the help of others - so if you’re asking this question you’re most likely still a beginner in most people’s book. And if you ask specific questions on what exactly you want to learn maybe we can give you more detailed advice :slight_smile: