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Java - Just a few questions


Hi guys, I just have a few questions really. I have been looking online for about 5 days now for someone to complete a Java assignment that I have. I have been quoted different prices from different sites, but looking in to most websites and there are stories of them being scams and such. Now this website doesn’t seem that way, although I am not entirely certain. I have found a person that I have been given a quote from and I am considering accepting it, but I wanted to ask if there are any recommended coders that write java on here? I don’t want to choose someone to do my work and then not get the work done, I simply can’t afford that. I don’t even know if the price quoted is about right or not. I am at Uni and this is the only programming module I have and I just can’t understand any of it. Everything else I have passed with flying colours, this is the very last module I have before finishing Uni and I need it doing properly.


Let me just get this right - you’re wanting to submit somebody else’s work in as your own for a Uni assignment, and you’re questioning the honesty of the sellers here?



Stop scamming yourself and worrying about others scamming you and get back to studying. Lord knows you’ve already wasted almost a week procrastinating in scams rather than get to know the material and apply it yourself. If you don’t understand any of it, go and see your professor/TA! It’s what they’re there for!

Or, yeah, just throw money at someone to remain in the dark about it all, wasting that expensive education.


I am beginner in JAVA, yet I did my assignment on my own (last semester) :sunglasses:
That was painful but enjoyable. Newbie here, so can’t suggest you one!!
Get help from your teachers, Friends and internet, then do it by yourself. It will be fun!!


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Well, Fiverr is extremely recognized (even Forbes indicate it) and all you need is to choose a good seller. Here on Fiverr it will be difficult for you to find someone unprofessional since those are quickly disconnected by the Fiverr’s regulators and monitors.

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Hello, I can sympathize with you. I’ve been in classes where there were things I simply could not grasp. Look at sellers reviews and how long they have been here.
I do hope you learn java programming on your own though.


And oh…I can help you in Java (I was a teacher for 5 years)…Let’s do it together so you can learn and at the same time do the job.


…and there goes the sales pitch!


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And a very smooth one at that!


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Seller’s review should tell you how expert the programmer is .But i am on the opinion that you get it done on your own.


Considering fees to attend UK universities currently go up to around £9,000 (around $11k) p.a., the most sensible response is to talk to the teaching staff. I appreciate this is a radical notion when you can throw what’s left of the student loan at someone on Fiverr to do the work for you, but it’s the only sensible option.


Moral of the story: you need to be the best, doesn’t matter what are you doing!


I’ve been in a couple of classes, notably statistics, where no amount of talking, explaining or studying would have made a bit of difference. It was all just a meaningless blur.


Sure, I know the feeling as well, but you have to persevere and use the resources available to you. Fiverr is a resource of sorts, but hardly one to recommend. Besides, prospective employers are looking for graduates who can do what they’ve supposedly studied, not a master of delegation.

At least, not until middle management.


I used the resources available to me. I cute grad student took a liking to me and helped.


A story as old as time. How much did he help you MissC? :wink:


I married my Java lecturer but it didn’t help my grades :slight_smile: