Jealous sellers


Hey, have you sometimes had some seller who sell the same product as you, he order yours and leave you negative feedback? That happend to my friend… i don’t know what to say, so i ask you have you ever got that expirience? Thanks


I can imagine that would happen in an industry that is so focused on a rating. Thankfully Fiverr are quite good at dealing with Feedback issues. I would suggest you talk to support about your “friends” problem.


Haven’t happened to me… yet. But I have thought of that once, but after reading some posts it’s good to know that Fiverr support is really understanding.


Hasnt happened either…

I actually never even thought about that before…

Thanks for sharing, so I can watch out for these people!


People are just silly, they think that by bad mouthing others it will make them look better - really it just makes them look bad.


I don’t know… when people see you get sucess on your gigs, and they don’t they starting to be jelous, and will do everything to make your reputation bad with leaving a negative feedback… soo sick world


When someone orders my family tree gig I always check to see what that buyers history is with fiverr. Now that is not saying another seller could create another fiverr identiy and order from me but I am not going to get that obessesive about what I do


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Since this and recent posts, I have been checking my buyers activity. You just never know! : )


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