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Jeez, buyers can be careless sometimes. Positive Review with a Thumbs DOWN?


I completed a gig for a buyer and she said “fantastic job!!!”, but it was negative???

I hope she accidentally clicked the wrong button. I am waiting for her response. LOL



I’m sure she just clicked the wrong button. Hopefully, she’ll go back and fix it! :slight_smile:

I like it a lot better when they leave a not-so-positive comment with a thumbs up. :smiley:


how do u change a rating?


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks arnevb, It can also be after 3 days with the intervention from customer support, but the sooner the better. This is stressing me out. LOL



Reply to @arnevb: I don’t get what you meant. Kindly elaborate.


I sent 2 replies and she still has not responded. :frowning:


Hope you get it sorted soon Bruce


not everybody is a geek. Mistakes are part of life. Stop bitching about buyers.


Reply to @whozme: Please try and be respectful :slight_smile:


@ozzieuk don’t want to offend anyone… i just don’t like the idea of putting a buyer’s mistake on a open forum. We should respect one who is giving you opportunity to earn and as i can see most of the people are making their living exp from here


Reply to @whozme: I didn’t see any disrespect with this post. He didn’t call anyone out… he is just sharing the experience he is having. He didn’t mean any harm.


Reply to @whozme: I disagree with your reasons for your response as I am not disrespecting anyone. As you can see from my original post, I did not mention the buyer’s name. I see that you are a new seller on Fiverr, so perhaps when you start selling more and you become a first level seller, it will become clear how serious a negative feedback is to a seller.

A negative feedback hurts sellers in a LOT of ways and can deter potential buyers from doing business with that seller, but it also lowers our ratings.

In this case, I delivered the buyer’s gig on time and in the same professional quality that I always do. And as per my title of this forum post, she was careless and clicked the negative button after giving me a nice review. She did not look at what she was doing and I am the only person who will suffer from that mistake, so I hope you understand why I posted this here and that I actually was upset by it. And to make matters worse, she never responded to me when I asked her about it. Thankfully, Customer Support fixed it for me yesterday and if they did not agree that it should be fixed, they wouldn’t have helped me, but they did and Customer Support is truly awesome here.

Finally as for the remark about posting a mistake on an “open forum”, the Fiverr forum is supposed to be about supporting one another and I definitely wanted support about this issue as it was bothering me.

I got it from several people here, so I thank everyone.


You could always contact CS, they are fair, as in this case.


Yes i can understand how important positive feedback is for a seller. I was just defending seller cause she might not be familiar with using Fiverr. Anyway you got your rating back that’s all matter. Don’t see me as a rat i was just seeing from buyer point of view.