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Jesters from the jungle (buyer request) are back

Having a hard time in fiverr right now, i decide to check the jungle since it has been a long time I haven’t gone there and then I tanks this kind of persons who remind why I never go here.
I’m really losing faith in humanity.

This guy can ask for our credit card number and a ferrari for 5€ as crazy as he is, it would have been same.



I seem to have hit a wall too. All I see are jobs that scream scavenger or totally clueless. I think that moon must be in the sign of stupid or something.

I have no idea how to get in front of real, buyers, as in people who want quality work done. It is no different anywhere else. i think we are hitting the peak of the phase where no one wants to understand the meaning and therefore value of unique work.



I just happened to receive a very pleasant video order from Buyer Requests this week! Was an incredible change of pace from the usual horrific requests that clutter the page, but finding one gem doesn’t blind me to the fact that about 95% of requests are rubble. (Individual results may vary!)


And you know what is the worst part ? That there had already 10 offers on it, so 10 persons who would do what he asks… I don’t imagine the garbage quality he will get.


“My success is your success” it’s just… no, that’s not how it works. I’m going to be really cruel here, but if they can’t afford a good editor, wouldn’t it make sense to edit their videos on their own at first? I realise it’s difficult (I don’t do it, my sister does though) and that you need a good PC/software and stuff for it but still…
If that makes it better(?) though, the writer’s BR has been crazy lately too. My fave has to be one that’s too nasty to copy but it’s 5000 words for 5 bucks. Even on my Very Good Days, 5000 words take at least 3 hours to write and edit (and that’s genuinely ‘so in the zone I won’t notice people around me’ days - so…yeah. BR IS good for newbies but I can understand why people end up pricing themselves so low - this is what they see on the site, so…

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He won’t get any success, that’s the thing :rofl:
If it was that easy to have success then everyone would have youtube channels with more than 100k subscribers, and it’s not the case of majority of people who asked for video editing.

Haha that’s exactly it. I mean in a way I get it - why spend a lot of money on something that might never take off… But yeah it’s still not an excuse. I guess it COULD be useful for newbies but based on the frustration and time it takes my sis to edit stuff properly I’m guessing it’s not worth it even for them :smiley:

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Even if the YouTube channel shot off like a rocket (fat chance) and the request poster gained millions of dollars and subscribers, I’m pretty darn sure the poster would dump the editor and hire whomever “qualified” “professional” editor they want from wherever they went.

Sudden fortune or misfortune has a tendency to stress and break partnerships/relationships.


I’d love to reply:
“Hey Z, I heard you need an editor. Why just one when you can actually more editors for the same pricr? I will ask my entire family to work on your videos. Isn’t it enough for you? I get it. So let me tempting you with another offer. I’ll add one kidney in my basic package.”


Their reply:

“Can you do a sample? I promise I’ll tip you good if I like it.”


It’s like the logic way of how it would go but fortunatly those people don’t and will never know success :rofl:

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With our freelance experience we all know it would have been this kind of reply :rofl:

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This really triggers me. I have a YouTube and Twitch channel. Even with that pre-recorded content from Twitch I still need a good few hours per video to edit the footage down to something searchable. This isn’t even factoring in post-production stuff like memes and text. He wants thumbnails too? Ha! Even if a person values their hour at $1 the budget is still not enough for half a video.

I’ll bet they are coming from some “content creator guru” channel that tells them to come on Fiverr and get a cheap editor.

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This is how fiverr works the most, people working as cheap as possible, get as exploited as they can, and attract the badest persons of the world to this platform, thanks to them.

Isn’t that so super sad. I dearly hope there are more than just the few exceptions that confirm the rule.
Not that anyone would want to be tethered to this BR originator in bad, good, or average times, of course.

On the bright side, person doesn’t expect the desperate people who’ll answer their call to sit on their hands and wait any longer than one week for their decision. What is a week of your life, after all, if you could become the Chosen One …