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JESUS can't walk on water!

without a lil help from his friends…

Hi! I am attempting to row across the Pacific Ocean starting this June and have run out of money. Jesus needs some help multiplying the fishes! Any fellow sellers out there, please spread the word and I will owe you a miracle or three… Buyers out there, … Uhh, sup? Jeezy loves you!! :smiley:

Check out all my characterizations if you’ve time… If not, here is my main gig:

Thanks everyone!!

Check out the row here:


FIVERR heavies: I am still looking for 2 more sponsors for the boat. There is a Discovery channel documentary, world wide news coverage, Guinness World Records on the line, … Duracell, Virgin, etc have sponsored other boats. IS Fiverr helping a man row an ocean not a good story? :smiley: