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JINGLE RECORDING! What's your opinion?

Hey guys!

Just updated my gig’s decription, prices, and finally added a new video with better quality jingle.

What’s your opinion? What do you think about the jingle itself? The description? Gig’s title?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’d say that spamming the forum isn’t gonna help. This belongs in ‘Fiverr Gigs’ otherwise considered spam.

I’m pretty sure that I started a discussion in “Fiverr Gigs” and it was moved. Thank you.
Am I able to delete discussions?

You are indeed in the wrong category. You cannot delete your post, but I think a moderator might move your post ;).
This part here should go under buyer requirements, just my opinion :wink:

“Please send me a detailed text/video describing the purpose of the jingle. If you don’t want to share this information with me, just write “for an app”, “for a video with narration” etc…”

Love the song though. Good luck here on Fiverr :slight_smile:

Reply to @annai80: And you are indeed right. Done, it is now under buyer requirements :slight_smile:

Reply to @omervexler: No, I doubt it. No one moves posts out of My Fiverr Gigs and into a Tips category. You cannot delete posts, you can only edit them, but since your post was advertising as much as a question, it belongs in My Fiverr Gigs. It is there now and should stay there.