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Job Delivered, Yet No Reply From Buyer


Hi everyone,

I recently delivered a job to a buyer but am yet to hear from her, can she access the file attached without making payment?

I need answers, am new on HERE.



You should not be doing any orders until AFTER the money it paid to Fiverr. So I am wondering if you got scammed in some way or did not do something right in the system.

How did you get a job order but the buyer did not make a payment? Did the buyer private message you and then you started to work on her project?


as long as u delivered it. you will wait for 3 days after the delivery (if she didnt respond at all) then the order will be automatically marked completed. then you get the money your revenues


If you delivered the order on the order page, when the countdown clock was ticking, by clicking the “Deliver Now” button and attaching your delivery, the buyer will be able to access it and the order will automatically close in three days. The payment will then go through a fourteen-day clearance process, after which you’ll be able to withdraw your payment.

However, if you didn’t deliver on a “live” order page, she will be able to access the work you did for her without paying anything.


Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for the reply, the buyer actually made an order then i delivered then the buyer kind of disappeared.


Reply to @kingoftheweb555: thanks a lot, i appreciate your advice. Then am secured, either ways I get my money. Winks


Reply to @emasonwrites: Thanks a lot. I appreciate the help and advice.


Unfortunately that is how some buyers are. Once you deliver you might never hear from them again. Don’t worry you did your part. If you want to make sure the client is happy, you can follow up with them through a message after a couple of days.


I like to send follow up messages (1 short message a day for a few days) to these buyers if they disappear after their order is finished. I like to think that if I forgot about an order I placed, I would be pleased to see they were still thinking of me after delivering the order.


Yeah, what they said… some buyers are like that: they’ll buy something and as soon as you deliver they’ll stop communicating. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad people - maybe they’re going to complete it later after they’ve had some time to think about it, or - like my wife - just don’t like taking the time out of a really busy day to write thank-you notes, leave reviews, etc. I agree with you, though - I don’t like dealing with customers who don’t provide feedback, reviews, etc. - but I can’t really force them to do it, can I?


Just be patient. As long as the buyer got your delivery, after 3 days, your account will be credited by fiverr either the buyer shows off or not.


Reply to @candyrose11: well, you money goes into yoru Fiverr account and you have to wait a few weeks to withdraw it though.


i am new here, so i want to learn


Reply to @annai80: Sincerely It’s tiring, how do you give out project and go into oblivion after series of follow-up messages.


Reply to @jamesbulls: Lol, you can’t! I think I understand your wife but some of my buyers are Ghosts! They come, interact, order and leave!

That’s the last I hear from them.


Reply to @speed_boost: Thank you very much, I can’t cancel an order after delivering because the buyer failed to take the requested job.

My efforts for work done, how do I get paid for that.


Hello Candy Rose - Are you a U.S. based Fiverr WP developer?