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Job marked completed by buyer taking 72 hours to show as completed

My buyer marked a job I done for him as completed but it says it will take 72 hrs to be classed as completed in the dashboard.

Is that the case sometimes? I thought when its marked completed it happens straight away

If the buyer marked the order as complete by leaving a rating/feedback, then you shouldn’t see that and it could possibly be a bug, in which case you’ll have to contact Customer Support.

Are you certain the buyer marked the order as complete, or is your buyer just telling you that they did but have no proof of it? I had a buyer once who told me he marked the order as complete, but apparently he forgot.

He told me he marked it as completed. I asked him as he had placed another new order

Some buyers might not know how to mark the order as complete but they’ll tell you that either way - it happened to me before.

As far as I know, the order is not complete if you don’t see a rating/feedback from your buyer. As soon as your buyer gives you a rating (with stars) and written feedback, then your order will be marked as complete. Otherwise you’ll have to wait 3 days for it to auto-complete :slight_smile:

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I thinks thats whats happened.

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You could ask your buyer to rate your order by leaving some feedback, but make sure not to ask the buyer for a specific number of stars - it’s not allowed to ask things like “please give me 5 stars” :wink:

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I could but I’m thinking there may be a reason why he’s not leaving ratings. I think he is a reseller whos ordered a few times now