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Job not finished and seller closed it


Job not finished and seller closed it. I can not do anything with it.
I contacted support but they are not responsive?
Does this website for real or a big hoax ?


it is automatically marked as complete 3 days after it was delivered. This means that the seller sent you the end result 3 days ago but you never responded so the work was marked as complete. You should contact the seller and see how you can work together but if you have already contacted support they will soon reply and help you out.



Fiverr is the best and trusted freelance platform. I think you never read the TOS of fiverr before placing the order. As per fiverr TOS the buyer will have 3 days of time to respond once the order delivered. so with in the 3 days of delivery the buyer has to respond and if he need any modifications he can reject the work and request for modification or if he likes it he can complete the order with his feedback.

Dont worry the order was completed automatically as per fiverr TOS. it is not sellers mistake. so keep in touch with seller through inbox conversation and request him if you need any changes in the work.

Please do not blame fiverr or it’s support team as they are really working hard. Please be patient and ask the communicate with seller first.


The system doesn’t work. Forget about TOS, I started a project a while ago and I can not get it done.
Support is not responsive!
The seller is not responsive!
The project is not finished and there is nothing I can do about it.
It’s just a waste of time and money.


Customer Support receives a large number of requests from both buyers and sellers but they do respond to all of them.
Regarding the seller being non responsive or your project remained incomplete, I guess you might have selected a seller who don’t have the skills required to complete your project.


You have a nice description here, about your problem
I assertion that Fiverr the best freelance site and give so many helpful advice for seller and buyer. I m sure that you will soon resolve your problem. Just be a patience.

  1. Where can I keep track on this? there is no indication for the service ticket been opened.
  2. What is time line? If he can’t preform, please reimburse me so I can try with another seller.


Man, such responses won’t get any anywhere.


I’m sorry - the only folks who can help you are customer support. If you’ve submitted a ticket, it may take a couple of days for them to get back to you, but they definitely will! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Where can I see the ticket?


You can submit a ticket to CS here:

If you’ve already submitted a ticket, check your email - they’ll have acknowledged your ticket by replying to you.