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Job ordered fiverr seller Lying with Job receiver seller

I have faced two times final job cancelled by job ordered seller this type now and then happening that means when they received the final job then copied the job due to it is online system then finding clue to cancel the job there is option to revision system they don’t giving time for revision this is one kind of fraudulence technique applying for to get back revenue and final document is already received.So I would like to share this experience and carefully deal with this type seller account or avoid them.Thanks


Could you please split your post up a bit so we can more easily understand it?

Thank you! :sunny:

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i also faced this a couple of times
now i stop getting orders from seller accounts

Right need to report this type seller I promised to avoid

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one time seller gave me negative review without any reason.
On that time i was a new seller i did not know too much about fiverr.
He say me to cancel the order then the review will automatically remove
i cancel it’s order by sending request of modified review.
We plan to cancel order by not responding on request for 5 days and the order will automatically cancelled.
When order is cancel the review does not change.
i contact custom support but nothing happens.
The custom support warn me never do this type of attempt again to change feed back by refunding.

Soliciting feedback removal through mutual cancellation is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You could get banned from Fiverr if you do it again.

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yes as i tell you i did not know to much that time on fiverr but then i read all rules and after that i break no rule

Thats shocking
Happened to me also

Right ok take care matt