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Job post rejected

I have tried now 3 times to post a job but it seems they will not accept it, as I get this message

Hi gertgrnkjr,

Unfortunately, your Gig request “I am looking for a short presentation…” did not pass our review.

Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed, and can result in your account being restricted.

I have no idea what it might be doing wrong?

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I guess you were trying to post Buyer Requests, right?

It sounds like reviewer (not sure if it was human or a kind of ai) evaluated the request as self promotion. Did you include any link in the requests?

It happens that “Buyers” include intentionally link for example to their Youtube video or channel in order to increase their channel engagement. Not saying this is your case.

I recently saw a request asking for checking all Youtube videos on their request links and only those “candidates” who will check and see all of them will be considered for job. :joy:

Can you share what exactly you requested word by word to see what might be the cause?


Maybe it looks to Fiverr like you are trying to get schoolwork done. That is a breach of the TOS and I bet sometimes CS assumes something is academic when it isn’t.

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What was your full request, if I may ask?