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Job proposals are not visible easily

Main page isn’t interactive or showing job proposals. I see nothing coming up as if its an idle account.



Why were you of the impression that Fiverr’s main page would be “interactive” and lively? If you thought just making an account and a gig on Fiverr was enough to start getting orders and making money, you’re mistaken.

You need to put some effort and hardwork into making your gigs attractive. After that, you also need a smart strategy to market your gigs to prospective buyers who might be interested in placing an order for one of your gigs.

Good luck!


Account is idle until you send buyer requests and market your gigs. Please check for more info

okkk… thank you anyway for your guidance but even if not interactive, still I can’t find any page with buyer requests but only a couple of them off and on , on my own page under the tab and which is specifically according to the tags / categories provided. So… where to browse and see any buyer requests.

Bitter experience. It seems that buyer is not valid or has to be customization on Fiverr account.
Best. tayybaaamir