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Job took to long-- Dispute


I already have 10 hours to deliver an order. But my buyer sent me a dispute.

Now I’m already finished editing them. What to do?


Tell the buyer that according to your gig they’ve purchased, you still have 10hrs left, which means the job did not take long since you’re ahead of schedule. Tell them that they agreed with your delivery time when they purchased your gig, and they cannot cancel for an invalid reason like that since it’s against the rules, especially since you’ve finished the work.


I have already told him, but no response. What happen If I decline that dispute?


If you decline, your order will resume and your counter will keep running, allowing you to deliver on schedule. But if you don’t deliver on time and get a Late delivery warning, then the buyer has all the right to forcefully cancel the order.

If you accept, your order will cancel and you lose the money and the time spent working on the order.

If you don’t decline, the order will automatically cancel in 48 hours since the dispute was initiated.


Then please if you can tell me what is the best thing to do now?


Just wait for the customer to respond. If he doesn’t respond or says no then just save the file incase he reorders or cancel it.

Jesus christ I see these posts every single day why can’t people use common sense.


If you are sure you are going to deliver within the ten hours then decline. They buyer is wrong to cancel for that reason.


Must admit, it’s the first time I’ve seen a dispute started for the job taking too long before the gig time’s up.

Take all the advice that’s been offered here @viranga5000 and I hope it all goes well for you! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for advice. I can deliver. already his images are ready.