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Job without Order!

Few days ago I had received an offer regarding data entry job around 28 pages, price and order process everything fixed with buyer but he was not wanted to give me order, he wanted deliver first, he told me that he checked my job first then he gave me order, I was not agreed with him because, If he couldn’t trust me how can I trust him. I told him that unlimited revision option available in my Gig don’t worry but he wasn’t agree so I ignored this offer. I have a question to all of my senior sellers that, I was right or wrong. Please advice if any and what should do in this situation.



You were right. Never do any work until they place an order. They have to pay first, then you do the work.

If you do the job first they will get it free and not pay, no matter what they say.


You were right. But you could a sample work like 1 page with watermark. Then you could sent that sample.

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His buyer does not need a sample.

A sample is free work even with a watermark.

Let the buyer place an order then do the job.

To give anything even a sample free is not smart. You don’t know if he really is ever going to spend any money. He might be trying to get something for nothing so let the buyer pay before you do anything.

When you give free samples you look too desperate.


It’s like going to a fast food chain and telling them to give you a meal and you will pay them back later lmao


You are right. Never ever do work for free by thinking that the buyer will pay. They will not.

You were right. Don’t do any task before order.

@lead_mdrana You are do best method bro.

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No work without an order, simple and effective rule!

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first say order after that you can do it

good Job

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You were right not to agree to the Buyer’s terms.
You were wrong to offer unlimited revisions.

I strongly suggest you not offer free revisions in the future.


Thanks for valuable advice…

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You did the right thing. You know what would have happened otherwise.

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