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Jobs with samples

Its been a bad 2 weeks for me as I had lost getting at least 3 orders after giving out samples of the work I will be working on.

I have a policy of giving out sample of the work they require, if they contact me before ordering to make sure i understood what they exactly require.

Last week i was contacted to convert a 13 page pdf doc to match up where the buyer said auto conversion messed up. So i used my auto conversion software and sent out the first 4 pages and making the necessary changes. Only to stop hearing from the buyer, i realized later that page 3-13 are quite similar and has a clean formatting after conversion.

Two days ago I was asked to convert 30 image files. The buyer couldn’t understand between transcribing and making the file editable. He didn’t mind the text in the image as he will include his own text. He wanted changes so I ended up sending 3 different samples. He wanted the background images and the other images to be movable. My conversion tool was able to ungroup separately.

After sending the final sample, he stopped replying. I even see him online very frequently but stopped reply. Only to later realize, all 30 images have the same background image, so he could use my sample file I sent to add his images for the 30 files.

So lesson learned on not to send too much. Maybe i should be sending only captured screen shots to show samples in future.


More like don’t send any samples especially when you have a portfolio to show what you can do. Never work for free. If they wish to see if you’re a good match then they should be prepared to order a paid sample. Hope you don’t have this type of experience again.


Some require it to match page by page with page breaks. Some don’t mind continuing 1 after the other. Some needs the images placed and some don’t want.

If I don’t ask these, i will end up in revisions after revisions when I had an experience in Jan when I ended up giving revisions 5+ times because the buyer won’t spell out properly what needs but gives revision with little instructions, like change font and size but won’t specify the font and size.


If you are providing samples of client’s work that’s fine.

My suggestion is to put watermark on sample images that you’re providing to your clients. Watermark will reduce chances that they go away with free work. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion.

If the sample is given out in Word or Excel, i will need to look up for any way of making the watermark unable to be removed.

Don’t send any samples. Make them order them. Here’s the scam for voice over sellers…

Hi, I’d like a sample to make sure you are the right talent for me, can you record the first 4 sentences just so I can hear.

SURPRISE… if you do it, they disappear because the first 4 lines was the whole job.

Make them buy a sample.

Never work for free.


I’ve learnt it the hard way. Next time maybe I should use the restrict editing feature in Word which requires password to edit. And a watermark.


Like @newsmike says, make them pay. Never work for free, because you’re completing undervaluing your work, which allows your buyers to do the same.

I can’t remember who mentioned it, but I was reading a post about samples here on the forum a few weeks back, and someone offers consultations for $5. This is where they might talk about the gig in more detail, give examples of how they can help with the project, e.t.c. That way they aren’t being taken for a ride or having to talk to someone for hours without an order being made/accidentally fulfilling an order before charging for it.


Thank you.

Not all are the same as on a previous instance, i was contacted by a buyer. I got late to get back home so I sent out a sample of a table extraction that need to match 100% including color and heading styles.

The buyer got back to me apologizing as the job was already assigned to someone. To compensate for my sample he placed an order for the $5 to pay me as he was happy with the sample presentation.

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You can always save it as image and they can’t use that


I mostly do for simple formatted files if they didn’t give proper information.

But for complicated files, i had to give to avoid negative ratings and cancellations. Like the experience I had earlier. The buyer sent message as transcribing but needs the images separated from the background without effecting the main background color. I had a software that worked to ungroup, upon sending the sample for 1/30 files, he stopped responding only to realize it has a similar background for all and he will be having his own images to the 30 files.

If u dont mind…can u plz tell me…what’s the watermark…!!!

It is like fiverr on top of images on portfolio. Its an image or text on top of the work saying “exemple” or something else.

It can be text or an images that is placed on the back of the document which is mostly transparent. There is watermark feature even in Word. That can be added but can be removed by anyone too.

To disable editing, you could protect the document with the Restrict Editing feature which will require a password.

Thank u very much…

Thank you…very much…

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