John Doe's Order Was Marked Automatically As Complete


I’ve noticed this happens often. I deliver an order, get no feedback, then Fiverr tells me the order was marked automatically as complete.

Which is good for me because I make money, but my question is, why does this happen?

Are buyers missing notifications about completed orders?
Do they forget to log into Fiverr to see their deliveries?
Do buyers realize that after 14 days of delivery, it’s impossible to request revisions/modifications?

I’d like to hear from buyers on this issue. Personally, when I buy, I never missed the e-mail with “John Doe Has Delivered Your Order,” and I usually review the order.


Buyers has 3 days to request revision. 3 days later the order was marked automatically as complete by Fiverr.

If buyer rates the order, he can’t ask revision as we know :slight_smile:
If the order is completed 3 days later, buyer can’t ask revision.

If the buyer asked revision in 3rd day and then does not rate the order, we should wait 3 more days :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment.

I don’t see why should we wait. If the order is marked as complete, then it’s complete unless the buyer demands a revision later on. The money will clear in 14 days, 7 for TRS.

Now, when you buy something on Fiverr, do you always check the delivery when you get it?


Some buyers are too busy, sometimes they log on after a very long time to see the actual delivery. Check the last active or online feature.

Some buyers don’t want to rate the seller low even though they don’t like the delivery:

  • Probably it is because it was a low price they paid than what would they pay for a real professional, so they might simply ignore it comparing as price = quality. And money they spent is for the time of the seller. They sometime feel guilty about rating seller low as said below.
  • They might feel little guilty to rate low because they think why should I rate someone low just because I don’t like it. Lot of other have liked the seller’s work.
  • I don’t want to hurt the sellers income.
  • Just because I don’t like to rate the seller low, doesn’t mean I should rate him high. After all, I don’t like the work he did.

One or a combination of above may be the reason.

If someone didn’t rate you, be thankful, for not giving you a bad review, instead understand it could be one of the above reasons and try to improve.


As someone that brings multiple buyers from facebook and twitter, the most prevalent issue is that it’s just too big a hassle to leave a review. Yeah, you read that right. Somehow people are too busy to type in 3 - 10 words.


Great point, although when I go to McDonalds and the wait is long, I don’t say “aw, screw it” and walk away without the food. I guess Fiver is different than McDonalds. :slight_smile:

Have you tried messaging them? I don’t. I’m afraid I’ll get a bad review for pestering them. On Facebook on the other hand, you can writer whatever you want. Maybe you should tell them that if they give you a review, their next order will be a custom offer with a 20% discount. I don’t think that’s illegal because you’re not buying reviews, you’re only encouraging people to review you and rewarding them when they do later on.


I don’t do either. After the order gets marked as complete automatically, I just send them a message asking if everything was ok with the order. If they respond, I ask them to leave a review. It’s the same on facebook and twitter.


Never gonna offer a discount for reviews. But if I get a customer from a customers referral both get a 10% Discount.