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Join Fiverr after being Skilled


Every seller should join in fiverr after being fully experienced about the work which he/she wants to offer the buyer. without work experience none can success in this field.


Interesting… :thinking:


Thank you for your command! :thumbsup:


Once i’m fully experienced in my field i plan to retire.


Cool, We’ll definitely follow your order, Sir.

I think this Valuable Tip needs to be :pushpin:


I’m jack of all trades. I didn’t expect to make even 5$ here but ended up making 50$ by doing nothing but making fun gigs and enjoying what I do. And regarding experience. I work on several online platforms and whatever I’ve learned is gift from Google and I don’t have much experience to be known as a freelancer yet I see my self as a successful person here. Please stop trying to demotivate new sellers.


In your opinion, how much experience someone who holds a sign must have before offering his/her Gig?


Why would someone who is giving advice without making a single sale demotivate you?


yes this is reality , without work experience very difficult to success


okkk, but this is reality


absolutely correct thing being said


I’m sorry I’m not buying it.


Sellers should have some basic skills to do the job, but experience comes over time. How are you supposed to gain experience if you don’t sell your service? What’s the level of experience one should have in your opinion?


absolutely your advice is so important for new comer


you are right but sometime inefficiency may cause bad effect to your account.


I should probably practice my craft for 10,000hrs in order to provide a professional service :smile:


That’s the key to success.
Thank you.


yes correct


It would be better if they accept works from buyers only if they can do and are confident instead of not joining at all!


that’s very good decision